IT Solutions

Earthd: Elevate

Fast & Flexible IT Packages

Whether you are looking to upgrade your IT infrastructure or compliment your existing solution with the best technology, we can help.

Earthd: Elevate is our solutions product, based on the Earthd technology stack which is constantly updated with the latest technology and aligns with industry best practices.

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Earthd: Elevate Cloud

Have you heard about the cloud? Earthd: Elevate Cloud can help you get there and keep you grounded throughout the entire process.

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Earthd: Elevate Local

Would you like a reliable, fast and secure IT solution? Earthd: Elevate Local on-premises infrastructure can offer substantial benefits over the cloud and is fully owned by you.

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IT Management

Earthd: Core

Expert IT Support & Management

If you have a pre-existing environment and need help maintaining, optimising or securing any aspect of your network, we can help.

Earthd: Core is our management product, based on industry standard management tools to audit, maintain and protect your network.

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Earthd: Core Business

Do you need management or support for your business IT? Earthd: Core Business ensures your IT networks are secure and efficient.

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Earthd: Core Home

Wondering if your computer or network is running efficiently? Keep your devices in optimal health with Earthd: Core Home.

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Is Your Data Safe?

Learn how to backup properly with these important tips.